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Rock Vibrations Entrevista: BlackJack Love

English Version:

In partnership with Rogue PR we bring you one more interview, this time with the band BlackJack.

Check it out below:

1 - How did you start the band?

Blackjack Love has been around for a few years now, but I was on my own in the beginning (Azza). Since I recruited the other boys (Matt, Sam & Nick) it’s been live for a year or two now. It all stemmed from myself recording a song in LA, then I came back to England & wrote a couple more. 

That then ended up being the debut album ‘Bullets & Blues’, & it all went from there really.

2 - Can the current moment be considered the best of the band?

Other than the current climate around the world, I’d say yea. We’re gaining more fans, writing more songs, playing more shoes. Life’s pretty good. 

3 - What would you say about sonority? Where else do you fit into the acquired influences?

I’d say we have that old Led Zeppelin riff vibe with a modern twist of desert/stoner rock.

4 - Speaking of creation process, how much thought is there before creating new material? Is there a plan or do you let ideas flow naturally?

I usually start with by noodling on an acoustic guitar. I use a lot of weird/open tunings & just jam shit out. Then I’ll put random words together to decide on a melody & it all falls from there really. 

Most of what I write, I have no idea what I’m writing about until I read it back & go “ah that’s clearly about.....” I can’t sit down & force myself to write about anything in particular. 

Nine out of ten times I just write & see what comes. A lot of them a made up stories, some about love, anger, whatever comes to fruition. If it’s any good, I’ll do a quick recording of it on my phone & send it to the boys. 

If they dig it then I’ll finish it or whatever. Then we get to the practice room & hash it out between us. 

I usually have some sort of idea in my head when writing a song for certain instruments or patterns, but the boys then take this tiny idea I have & put their own spin on it to make it epic.

5 - Have you ever thought of playing here in South America? Audiences in Brazil are very passionate about music!

We would love to play in South America! That would be so fucking cool man honestly! If you find us a gig, we’ll be there! 

6 - We know that the music market is no longer the same ... what does it take to stay fresh and relevant?

Y’know, I think you just gotta do you. Music is always in cycles, like fashion or art. I think proper songwriters & musicians will always be relevant, whatever comes. Expanding your sound is always a good thing to do, try new instruments. 

Try a different approach to how you write. You never know, it could work out well. 

7 - Do you like the idea of releasing videos in lyric format?

As a band, personally, no. However, from a fans point of view I think it’s a good idea, especially as fewer & fewer people buy albums with all the words in the artwork. 

So it can help to get people singing your stuff. 

8 - We finish here, the space is yours ...

Firstly, thanks for having us! We appreciate it! Secondly, check us out on YouTube, Facebook etc. 

You can download &/or stream our music on all major platforms & the like. 

Stay cool x