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Rock Vibrations Entrevista: Boneyard

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In partnership with Rogue PR we bring you a new interview.

This time, we spoke to the band Boneyard and you can check it out below:

1 - How did you start the band?
 In 2015, after my all girl Misfits tribute band broke up I wanted to start a new cover band. Most of the other cover bands around here played mostly classic rock. 

I wanted something heavier, so I put together a set list of a bit deeper cuts of bands we all love (Priest, Maiden, WASP, Mötley Crüe, etc). As far as finding players, some of my previous projects have included drummer Jeff Cunningham, and bassist Dennis Cooke auditioned for Boneyard about four years ago. 

We played many shows up until 2017, at which point we decided to move the band in a n all original direction.

2 - Can the current moment be considered the best of the band?
Absolutely! We are elated to have our album finally released after a long Covid delay. Especially seeing the positive feedback through fans, reviews and press from all over the world.

3 - What would you say about sonority? Where else do you fit into the acquired influences?
That is a big part of our style of music, with clean, melodic, powerful vocals. You will not be hearing any guttural vocals from Boneyard! Our style is a reflection of our influences and my favorite singers (Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Gillan, etc).

4 - Speaking of the creation process, how much thought is there before creating new material? Is there a plan or do you let ideas flow naturally?
It all starts with the riff! We first try to think of good riffs to use, then arrange the various complementary parts into new songs. Occasionally, we may change things up. 

For example, after writing a few mid-tempo songs, we'll plan to write something faster and heavier. 
Though most of the time the ideas do flow naturally. 

5 - Have you ever thought of playing here in South America? Audiences in Brazil are very passionate about music!
I agree 100% For proof, just watch the live concert DVDs: Iron Maiden Rock In Rio and Rush In Rio. It is amazing when the fans sing, not just the vocal lines, but the guitar melodies! We would love the opportunity to play, and visit there.

6 - We know that the music market is no longer the same. What does it take to stay fresh and relevant?
The number one thing is to give your band an online presence, with frequent updates. This has to include quality music, videos, photos and other content. 

You have to stay in the public eye, especially nowadays with people's short attention spans and distractions.

7 - Do you like the idea of releasing videos in lyric format?
Yes, it gives bands a chance to create something themselves without the cost of a big budget music video. However, a lot of them are, quite frankly, pretty boring. 

Our lyric video to the first single, Fates Warning, is a hybrid lyric and performance video that I produced. I'm really proud of it. We've received nothing but praise and positive feedback on the finished product. 

Check it out here:

8 - We finish here, the space is yours ...
Thank you for your support!
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